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Sales SupportLightWave Sales Support

Tactical Deployment Systems LLC is a global supplier of fiber optic products which are used in today's demanding networks and communications markets. LightWave products are built to meet those ever-greater speeds and low costs that your customers demand.

We have been able to strike a balance between in-house quick turn manufacturing and strategic alliances with outsource manufacturing capabilities. That balance enables Tactical Deployment Systems to compete globally and meet its customers' high-volume, high-quality requirements.

Through authorized distributors, Tactical Deployment Systems services its world wide customer base. Whether you need specifications for standard fiber products or a turnkey solution to engineer and produce your custom requirements, LightWave's sales and support team is here to help you through the design process right up to high volume manufacturing.

Please feel free to contact LightWave if you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you!