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MTP Cable
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LightWave MTP® Cables & Harnesses
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LightWave is a leading supplier of custom MTP cables and harnesses. Our engineers will work with you to ensure your specific requirements are meet in a timely and efficient manner. LightWave's production capabilities include a wide variety of MTP cables and harnesses.

MTP connectors are an excellent solution to the growing demand to reduce space and increase network performance. The standard MTP connector allows you to fit up to 12 fibers in the same space as 2 fibers using traditional SC, LC or MTRJ connectors. This can greatly reduce the high cost of space needed in today's data centers and SAN (Storage Area Networks) environments.

  • Available Singlemode (angled) and Multimode (flat) performance
  • High fiber density (24 fibers for Multimode)
  • Fiber in single connector: 4, 8, 12
  • Push-on / Pull-off latching connector
  • High reflection loss with APC
  • Precision molded polymer component
  • Complaint with Telcordia GR-1435-CORE
  • All 100% Interferometer Tested
  • Fiber Height follow Telcordia Standard GR-1435