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LightWave MTP® Cassettes & Enclosures
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LightWave's Plug In Assembly is an effective solution that can be flexibly accommodating for the changing data center environment. This innovative system is specially designed to reduce installation time and cost for an optical network infrastructure in the premises environment. The module is compact in size with simplex or duplex port adaptors at the front and MPO/MTP adaptor at the back and are designed to fit into RAC and WAC series fiber optic patch panels. This system enables a multifiber trunk cable connection break-out into simplex- or duplex-style up to 24 connections.

  • Space Saving Design
  • Ideal for Data Center Applications
  • Installer Friendly
  • Factory preterminated module to substantially save installation time and labor
  • Can be loaded with Rack Enclosures
  • Cable terminated in high density MPO/MTP connectors
  • Singlemode or Multimode components are available
  • Available with 12 fiber and 24 fiber configurations for MTRJ (duplex); SC, LC and E2000 (simplex/duplex) connectors (other connector type available upon request)
  • Tested for 100% guaranteed performance with MTRJ, SC, LC, and E2000 interfaces
  • Two or more MPO/MTP assembled trunks can be easily linked together