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LightWave Press Release

December 28, 2011

Fiber-Optic Cabling, Networking, and Testing Webcast Featuring John Taylor of LightWave Brand Products

Richmond, VA- LightWave Brand Products is happy to report that on December 14, 2011, John Taylor, Lead Fiber Optic Systems Designer of LightWave Brand Products, took part in a webcast seminar, sponsored by Cables Plus USA, in which Taylor spoke on the topic of cabling for parallel optics. The presentation explained the basics of parallel optics in multimode systems, gave an understanding of 40 Gig and 100 Gig system transmissions, and offered commentary on the connection system of multi-fiber connectors and the polarity of 40 Gig versus 100 Gig.

John Taylor has worked to develop innovative manufacturing processes used within LightWave Brand Products to increase bandwidth, lower cost of product development, and further advance the fiber optic industry. As a leader on the Chameleon Fiber 4U 1728 fiber MTP based product line project, Taylor assisted in the construction of a product that has helped to revolutionize the industry by accommodating 1,728 fibers within one 4U space.

Within the webcast seminar Taylor broke down the basics of parallel optics and explained how combining streams of data increases throughput in the utilization of VCSEL Laser transceivers across multiple channels. Listeners were given an understanding of the connection system and challenges encountered when integrating this system into existing network architecture. An explanation of the factory installation of an MTP was also given in a short informative video. "Parallel optics are key to the growth of existing network systems 40 and 100 Gig networks will become more prevalent in the coming years. Preparation is key to seamless integration" said John Taylor on the importance of the webcast seminar.

The seminar was both instructional and thought-provoking for listeners. With the continually changing technology, fiber-optic cabling systems have become the leading product and go to for network managers. With all that fiber-optics are able to do the demand has increased causing the development of the technology to increase as well. The seminar has shown that people like John Taylor of LightWave Brand Products are working to advance the technology of today to become the technology of tomorrow.

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