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LightWave Quality System

In order to maintain superior product performance, and to achieve a high level of the customer satisfaction, LightWave employs; incoming quality control, in-process quality control, and outgoing quality control processes to maintain a performance based quality system.

Incoming Quality Control
LightWave performs Incoming Inspection on all incoming materials used in the manufacturing process

  • AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan for incoming material inspections
  • Conduct sampling plan based on historical quality records
  • On-site audits of local suppliers
  • Written or on-site survey of overseas suppliers

In-process Quality Control
LightWave performs Process Control Inspections on all manufacturing processes

  • Real time process control for defective distribution
  • Statistical process control technique for yield trend and defect distribution
  • Analyze first yield & distribution to identify and evaluate process trend
  • Unscheduled production line audit for continuous improvement
  • 100% testing of all products manufactured by LightWave

Outgoing Quality Control
LightWave performs Final Inspection on all products manufacturing

  • AQL 0.65 level II sampling plan to audit finished good products to ensure quality level up to specification
  • Conduct system audit based upon process management flow chart
  • Complete database for all finished good products

Reliability Test
LightWave performs reliability tests according to the quality standard for each product type and customers' requirements

  • Typical test processes include: inspect IL, inspect RL, changeability, vibration, tensile strength, temperature cycling, low/high temperature storage and humidity tests
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