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LightWave Custom Cables & Cable Assemblies

LightWave custom fiber optic cables and cable assemblies are terminated, polished and tested in our Richmond, VA manufacturing facility. With almost unlimited options we can create most any cable for interconnects, networking, gigabit ethernet, harsh environment, military and broadcast applications. Cable types include custom trunk, distribution, plenum, riser, high-density and standard patch cables. If you are unsure of the options below feel free to contact us.

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Custom MTP/MPO Cable Builder
Build your new custom MTP / MPO cable assemblies and purchase them online. Made in USA!

Custom Fiber Optic Cables
Custom Fiber Optic Cables
Request a quote for your custom built fiber optic cable assemblies.

Custom Copper Cables
Custom Copper Cables
Request a quote for your custom built copper cable assemblies.

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Custom Splice Enclosures
Cables Plus USA can provide custom splice boxes in almost unlimited configurations.

Custom TFOCA Assemblies
Request a quote for your custom built TFOCA assemblies.


Please feel free to contact LightWave if you have any questions or concerns. We will be happy to assist you!
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