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M Series Cable Reels
  M-200 M-200 M-200 M-500 M-500

LightWave M-200 & M-500 Cable Reels

The M Series reels are designed for rapid, reliable deployment and recovery of medium to long length cables. Tactical or broadcast deployment systems include an easy way to quickly deploy and retrieve cable when necessary. From the battlefield to the football field, they will hold up to the most demanding conditions.
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  • Retractable transport handle
  • Two durable frame mounted wheels
  • Separate connector compartment
  • Allows for use of full or partial cable length
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Sturdy frame reduces risk of damage to cables
  • Efficient clutching system to control the speed of cable distribution and retrieval


  • Broadcast, A/V, Military, Emergency Services, Mining
  • Single-soldier distribution, fast cable deployment in various landscapes and from vehicles
Download PDFSpecifications
  Model M-200 M-500
  Length 16 in. 21.5 in.
  Width 12 in. 16 in.
  Height 18 in. 23 in.
  Weight 15.5 lbs. 23 lbs.
  Maximum Cable Length 656 ft. (200 meters) 1640 ft. (500 meters)
Notes: Maximum cable length calculated with cable diameter of 5.2mm.