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BRB-500 Cable Reel

LightWave BRB-500 Cable Reel

The BRB-500 reel is ergonomically designed for fast cable deployment by a single-soldier out to 500 meters. Removeable reel ensures ease of operation and durable hard case for secure storage and transport.
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  • Winding frame and reel can be separated
  • Reel has separate connector compartment
  • 2-soldier Distribution
  • Fast cable deployment in various landscapes
  • Use of full or partial cable length
  • The assembly is delivered with reel, winding frame, packaging box


  • Field Communication, CATV, Emergency Repair, Military
Download PDFSpecifications
  Model M-200
  Length 16 in.
  Width 12 in.
  Height 18 in.
  Weight 15.5 lbs.
  Maximum Cable Length 656 ft. (200 meters)
Notes: Maximum cable length calculated with cable diameter of 5.2mm.